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Serious mental illness

For some people, life’s problems go far beyond typical mental health difficulties. Serious mental illness can be truly debilitating. Perhaps more than with any other type of mental disorder, it can leave a person and his or her family completely devoid of hope.

Through Community’s full spectrum of services for the seriously mentally ill, these individuals and their families can find a way to cope and even to hope. Community’s professionals work to treat each client at whatever level of care he or she may need. They then strive to help their clients reach the highest possible level of functioning.

For 24-hour crisis referral, call 317-621-5700 or toll-free at 800-662-3445.

What is serious mental illness?

Clients of Community’s program for the seriously mentally ill typically have schizophrenia or another psychotic or mood disorder that significantly impairs their ability to function. This illness is expected to last more than a year or is the result of some kind of situational trauma. Clients typically experience significant problems in at least two of these four areas:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Concentration, persistence and pace
  • Adaptation to change

For these clients, Community psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors, case managers and other professionals can provide any or all of the following services.

Outpatient care

For those clients who can remain at home, Community provides a range of support. These services can help them remain as active as possible while receiving the professional care they need:

  • Outpatient therapy (individual, family and group)
  • Day therapy (intensive weekday programs)

Community Support Services

The professionals at Community Support Services manage the cases of clients facing a serious mental illness. For each client, a case management team assesses the client's needs, plans treatment, monitors medication and provides home visits as needed.

This service also offers “psychosocial rehabilitation,” which includes therapy groups, mental health education, skill-building groups and work teams. Clients learn coping skills from enjoyable recreation and socialization in a clubhouse atmosphere.

In addition, Community Support Services can provide supported employment services and vocational rehabilitation and offer referrals for home health nursing services.

Residential services

Some clients in the midst of a serious mental illness are unable to live independently. In these situations, Community offers a variety of supervised living arrangements.

Group homes
Group homes in Indianapolis and Shelbyville provide clients with 24-hour supervision. Instructors help residents learn daily living skills such as money management, cooking, cleaning, medication management and personal hygiene.

Case managers supervise each resident’s clinical care. Other supportive care includes transportation and assistance with medical appointments as well as social support.

The group home staff monitors each resident’s functional level with the goal of improving independent living skills so he or she may move to a less restrictive living environment.

Cluster apartments
In this program, two clients live together in affordable housing, receiving case management services in the day and skills instruction in the evening. The program strives to build clients’ skills and health so they may move to a more independent living situation.

Semi-independent living program
In this time-limited program, clients live independently but with professional support that helps them establish and maintain their independence.

Inpatient care

Clients dealing with a severe psychiatric crisis can find help at the Psychiatric Pavilion located on the Community Hospital North campus.  The pavilion features a number of age- and diagnosis-specific inpatient units, including a program specifically designed for the needs of seriously mentally ill clients.

The staff stabilizes individuals and helps them reach a point where they can return home or to a residential living program.

Indiana offers some state hospital programs that provide long-term care for treatment-resistant psychosis or for clients who are persistently suicidal and/or homicidal. Community’s professionals can refer you to the appropriate care.

Call with questions or in crisis

Whatever your situation, help is within your reach. Call Community’s 24-hour crisis phone line at 317-621-5700 or 800-662-3445 (toll-free) for more information about any of these services. Our professionals can suggest how and where you can begin to find help.

Master’s-degreed clinicians stand by at all hours and have at their disposal a network of supportive services in your area, including emergency behavioral care.

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