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Workers' comp injury care

Community occupational health workers' compensation injury careNo matter how safe the workplace, injuries occur. Community Health Network can treat injuries, minor to major, at any of our Indianapolis area MedCheck Occupational Health Centers. Our physicians specialize in work–related injuries, and help get an injured employee back to what's important in their life.

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Values and principles

Below are the core values and guiding principles for providers of workers’ compensation medical services.

  • All workers afflicted by occupationally-induced illness or injury should receive comprehensive occupational health care of the highest quality, utilizing state-of-the-art health care resources via the workers’ compensation health care system.
  • Workers’ compensation medical and health care should be provided by health care professionals who have training and experience in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, management and rehabilitation of occupationally-induced illnesses and injuries.
  • Workers’ compensation health care providers should be knowledgeable of the workplaces from which their patients come and should strive to familiarize themselves with the occupational and environmental issues that may impact the health and safety of the worker populations they serve.
  • Health care providers who care for occupationally-injured or ill workers in Indiana should understand the basic concepts of the workers’ compensation system in Indiana to be of optimal assistance to the worker-patients they treat and the employers and industries they serve.
  • The proper provision of definitive health care for injuries and illnesses treated through the workers’ compensation system is usually more complex, intense and time-consuming than treating the same types of illnesses and injuries when they are not occupationally-induced. Health care professionals who provide comprehensive and definitive workers’ compensation medical care and case management services are entitled to adequate remuneration for these professional services under the Indiana workers’ compensation system.
  • Workers’ compensation health care providers should strive to address the administrative and legal issues that workers’ compensation claims may engender (e.g., causation/compensability, disability status, maximal medical improvement/quiescence, permanent impairment) and readily communicate vis a vis these issues to both their worker-patients and employer-clients. By so doing, workers’ compensation health care providers will help to make the workers’ compensation system in Indiana operate more efficiently and will reduce disputed workers’ compensation claims and litigation which, in the vast majority of cases, is unnecessary, costly and brings no value to the workers’ compensation system.
  • The medical management of occupationally-induced illnesses and injuries under the workers’ compensation system should stress the maintenance of worker function and productivity by utilization of timely medical treatment and rehabilitation techniques so as to preclude unnecessary dysfunction and disability.
  • All workers’ compensation health care resources should be expended judiciously and in a cost-effective fashion, and any health care services rendered should be necessary, scientifically valid, appropriate and reasonable.
  • Although the workers’ compensation system in Indiana should always be vigilant for areas that may be improved or made more effective, the fundamental aspects of the Indiana workers’ compensation system are structurally sound and have served the state, its workers, and its business and industrial communities quite well. Substantial changes in the basic fundamentals of the Indiana workers’ compensation system should, therefore, be avoided, absent there being a clear-cut necessity to make such a change.
  • The workers’ compensation system should remain the exclusive remedy for work-related illness and injury health care expenses, wage replacement (indemnity) costs and permanent impairment award (“make whole”) costs.
  • Because workers, employers and workers’ compensation insurance carriers are all best served when workers’ compensation medical care is rendered by physicians and other health care providers who have experience and special expertise treating occupational illnesses and injuries—and because the “employer choice of physician” provision of the Indiana workers’ compensation statute has served Indiana workers, employers and the entire workers’ compensation community extremely well—Indiana should retain “employer choice of physician” in order to ensure high quality, expert workers’ compensation medical and health care and contain workers’ compensation costs.
  • The administration and financing of workers’ compensation health care should be as effective and efficient as possible to provide maximal benefit and value to all of the key parties involved in workers’ compensation medical care—injured worker-patients, employers, workers’ compensation insurers and payors, and medical and health care providers.

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