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Ranked among the nation's most integrated healthcare systems, Community Health Network is Central Indiana's leader in providing convenient access to exceptional healthcare services, where and when patients need them—in hospitals, health pavilions, workplaces, schools and homes.

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Provider relations

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Phone: 317-621-7581
Fax: 317-621-7470




Julie M. Director of provider operations E-mail Julie
Salena Medicaid program manager E-mail Salena
Lori Medicare program manager E-mail Lori
Jenny B. Provider relations manager E-mail Jenny
Amanda Provider relations coordinator E-mail Amanda
Carol B. Provider relations coordinator E-mail Carol
Dawn Provider relations coordinator E-mail Dawn
Hollie Business information coordinator E-mail Hollie
Jenna Lead credentialing and enrollment coordinator E-mail Jenna
Julia Credentialing coordinator E-mail Julia
Kim Credentialing coordinator E-mail Kim
Adrianne Credentialing specialist E-mail Adrianne
Denise Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Denise
Dianne Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Dianne
Sharon Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Sharon
Amy Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Amy
Aletha Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Aletha
Julie S. Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Julie
Jessie Provider enrollment coordinator E-mail Jessie

Provider forms and information

About ProHealth Network

ProHealth Provider Manual

Download manual >>

Print and fill out the following forms and submit them to our office:

Provider directories

Providers not listed in the above directories are Tier 3.


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Payer information

Please note: Not all ProHealth providers participate in all plans.

Credentialing information

To become a participating provider with Indiana ProHealth Network you must have a completed and up-to-date CAQH application. If you would like ProHealth to obtain this application for you, please complete the CAQH Provider Data Sheet. Otherwise, please see the CAQH website for additional information at

Credentialing requirements checklist:

Electronic COB information acceptance

ProHealth is accepting Other Payer Primary COB information within your electronic claims. Please submit Primary Other Payer processing information using HIPAA-standard codes and amounts at the line-item detail level within your electronic claim files. Electronically submitted Primary COB information is processed at initial adjudication, and eliminates secondary paper claim and paper primary EOB submission requirements when ProHealth is the secondary payer.

EFT/835 enrollment

ProHealth is accepting EFT/835 enrollment. Please submit the completed 835/EFT enrollment form to Michele Dowd at 317-355-6084 (fax) or

Download: EFT/835 Enrollment form

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