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State-of-the-art external beam radiation therapy

TrueBeam is an advanced radiotherapy system that treats complex cancers anywhere in the body, including the head, neck, lung, breast, abdomen, prostate and more. Radiotherapy works by precisely aiming beams of radiation at cancerous cells to destroy them, while leaving nearby healthy tissue untouched. Using TrueBeam's advanced imaging features, doctors can "see" the tumor and personalize treatments to a particular cancer - and treatments take minutes, not hours.

Advantages of TrueBeam

  • Personalized, flexible treatments. Customized treatments for complex cancers.
  • Precise targeting of tumor cancer cells. High-resolution, 3-D imaging of tumors.
  • Fast. Treatments can be completed in minutes.
  • Non-invasive. No surgery or incision.
  • Patient comfort. Quiet operation, music options, and constant communication with therapist.

Video: Dr. Darrel Ross, radiation oncologist, describes the advantages of TrueBeam for radiation therapy to treat cancers.

What is radiotherapy?

During radiotherapy, a computer-controlled device called a linear accelerator precisely aims high-intensity radiation beams at tumors to destroy the cancer cells and avoid nearby healthy cells. Radiation causes the tumor cells to shrink, while normal cells can repair themselves. Side effects of radiation therapy can range from fatigue, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness to skin irritation, swelling (lymphedema) or secondary cancer.

Radiotherapy treatment options

TrueBeam can perform many advanced forms of radiotherapy, including intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT).

  • IMRT (intensity-modulated radiotherapy) - With IMRT, radiation beams are manipulated to conform to the tumor's size, shape and location. The radiation intensity is controlled in each beam, and the beams can change shape. This allows the radiation dose to be customized for different parts of a tumor and limits side effects from exposing healthy cells to radiation.
  • IGRT (image-guided radiotherapy) - IGRT uses high-resolution, three-dimensional imaging to pinpoint the exact location of the tumor. Patients can be positioned accordingly so doctors can precisely deliver radiation to the tumor.

TrueBeam linear accelerator system for radiation beam therapy

Treatment process

  1. Visualize the tumor. The TrueBeam system uses a sophisticated imaging system to generate 3-D images of the tumor's exact size, shape and location.
  2. Planning. Based on 3-D images of the tumor, a treatment plan is created that specifies the correct dose of radiation, where to deliver it and a treatment schedule.
  3. Treatment delivery. During treatment, TrueBeam rotates around the patient to deliver a prescribed radiation dose from nearly any angle. The machine sculpts and shapes the radiation beam to match the size and form of the tumor, measuring precisely in submillimeters. Patients are in constant contact with the therapist during treatment, which takes just minutes. Respiratory monitoring systems also compensate for breathing during treatments.
  4. Follow-up care. Your doctor will monitor your progress after treatment, help treat side effects and identify next steps for treatment based on your progress.

Learn more about TrueBeam

Talk with your doctor to see if TrueBeam therapy at Community Cancer Center South is right for your cancer. To learn more, call 317-497-6270.

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