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Success stories and photo gallery

Community bariatric services based in Indianapolis, Indiana has helped hundreds of bariatric surgery patients lose significant amounts of weight to get them back to a healthier and happier quality of life. Read and view just a few of our weight loss surgery success stories and before and after bariatric surgery photos below.

To see how you can be a weight loss surgery success story, contact a Community bariatric center today!

Laura Clymer

Bariatric surgeon: RoseMarie Jones, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: Gastric bypass

I was an active child and as I got older and into my teens I gained the ‘freshman 15’ and from there I just struggled with my weight. Whenever I would get stressed, worried, anxious or bored I would just eat. My health suffered and I had very high blood pressure, and unbelievable back and knee pain from my weight.

I had just turned 49 years old and thought about my Dad who had died of a massive heart attack at 49 and I knew I didn’t want to be like that. It was time to do something and start living my life.

My daughter’s friends’ mother had bariatric surgery and was it was so successful. I’d never thought about bariatric surgery before but decide to learn more about it. Dr. Jones was the surgeon of the friend’s mother at Community Hospital North so I decided to have a consultation with her. When Dr. Jones met with me she said, “I can see you being 100 pounds lighter in six months” and I started crying. It felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel for me.

Dr. Jones and the staff at Community Bariatric Services North spend so much time with you. They are interested in you, what you have to say, give you support and encouragement all along the way. It was unbelievable—it’s like you have a new life. I was just getting by and now I’m living my life.

The experience has been wonderful, it changed my whole life.

Joe Clements

Bariatric surgeon: RoseMarie Jones, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: Gastric bypass

I pretty much struggled with my weight from birth on. Food became comfort to me, it became my life. I experienced depression because I was unable to do things, like take care of myself, play with my grandkids or with my family. I wasn’t able to enjoy my grandkids or family because they were active and I would be frustrated with the way I was living. I knew it wasn’t healthy. I wasn’t eating to live, I was living to eat.

I talked with my family doctor over the years and had tried every diet. It wasn’t until later in life, I learned about bariatric surgery. I talked with my doctor and he referred me to Community Bariatric Services North.

I liked the people at Community Bariatric and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Dr. Jones, the entire staff was so good to me. They helped advise me how to maintain my weight. It’s like having a base of friends and family to call anytime for help.

I no longer have a fear of going out in public and being around people. I’m not ashamed anymore. I like where I’m at now. I don’t seek comfort in food anymore. I feel healthy. And I have my life back.

Lynn Adamczyk

Bariatric surgeon: Keith McEwen, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: LAP-BAND® System

I was always the heavy, big-boned girl. My sister was the skinny child. I struggled with my weight from adolescence, into adulthood. I had been on numerous diets. Of course, I would succeed. I had lost the same 100 pounds several times over. The problem was the success was short–term. I would soon find myself weighing above 200 or closer to 300 pounds again.

Lynn's weight loss of close to 150 lbs was possible with LAP-BAND bariatric surgery at CommunityIn 2007, I decided that I would proceed with bariatric surgery as I had lost 100 pounds and it was slowly creeping back on. I began investigating all of the bariatric procedures to choose the best fit for my life, my goals and my finances. A friend directed me to Dr. Keith McEwen to learn about the LAP-BAND® System.

I attended a seminar and listened to Dr. McEwen speak. He explained that the weight loss would be slower and that surgery does require hard work and dedication from a patient. His explanations and theories on obesity struck home with me. I felt the LAP-BAND System, with Dr McEwen, was the perfect fit for my life. I wanted a short recovery, quality follow-up, and to privately pay without insurance benefits. My insurance excluded bariatric services. The option of an outpatient LAP-BAND surgery with minimal down time, low risk, adjustability and affordability was very pleasing to me.

I had my surgery on April 11, 2007. It took a year to lose my first 100 pounds. I have been at my goal since the fall of 2008. My weight is very stable. I have had a grand total loss of 145 pounds. I no longer focus on the scales anymore because I am too busy living my life. My decision to have weight loss surgery has improved my health, my mobility and my quality of life. I am living life to the fullest and feel as if the “real” me has finally been freed!

Ed French

Bariatric surgeon: Keith McEwen, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: LAP-BAND® System

Ed's weight loss of more than 100 lbs was possible with bariatric surgery at Community

I am a 56-year-old automotive executive who has a family history of obesity. All of my family (both sides) are overweight and have struggled with this issue. I have been on every diet in the alphabet, but with limited results. After gaining and losing for 45 of my 56 years, I finally reached the conclusion that I needed medical science to overcome my genetic shortcomings. I set out to study all of the procedures available, and after a month of exhaustive review, came to the realization that the LAP-BAND® System was the right choice for me. I signed up for a seminar in July of 2006 and was immediately sold on this being the right decision, both from a procedure and surgeon standpoint.

On August 23rd 2006, I went in for the surgery weighing 282 pounds with a 48” waist. The procedure went well, as I was an “outpatient” at a fabulous surgery center, that felt more like a luxury hotel, not a hospital (exactly what I needed),and began the journey of long term weight loss. After nearly six years, I am now at 170 pounds and wear 32” waist slacks and have never felt better in my life. I have the energy of a 30 year old (at least that is what my employees say) and have kept the weight off. Now I feel as though I should have done this 10 years ago! Dr. McEwen and his staff have been wonderful with my follow-up visits and have really encouraged me to come to seminars and tell my story, and share that there can be hope, and most of all, results from the pain of obesity.

Dianna Good

Bariatric surgeon: Steven M. Clark, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: Gastric banding

After years of failing, succeeding and failing again with diets, Dianna Good finally reached a point where she was tired of feeling bad about her size and lack of energy. Plus, with active grandchildren to enjoy, it was making it difficult for her to participate. After turning 57 years old, health issues cropped up as a result of her obesity: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, acid reflux disease, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis and joint/body aches. After talking it over with her husband, Dianna decided to investigate the gastric banding procedure.

Diana's dramatic weight loss after gastric banding bariatric surgeryDianna attended an information seminar at Community Hospital South. Due to insurance guidelines, it took Dianna a year of psychological and dietary evaluation to be able to have enough evidence that this surgery was necessary. At first, knowing that these things were required before she could be considered for surgery was discouraging. After a few months, Dianna realized that this was actually very good because she had to start the change in herself before the actual surgery. It gave her a chance to confirm that this was the best solution for herself.

Three months post-operative, Dianna discontinued blood pressure medicine. She no longer takes antacids throughout the day. The reflux is gone. The heel pain and many joint pains are less. And according to Dianna, her interests are no longer limited as a result of her weight loss. Now, Dianna eats because she’s hungry, not because of emotions. She now channels those emotions to some other activity rather than eating. With her healthier lifestyle, she now eats better, without having the cravings for the foods that aren’t good for her.

Michele Adair

Bariatric surgeon: Steven M. Clark, M.D.
Surgical weight loss procedure: Gastric bypass

As a wife, mother and grandmother, Michele Adair struggled with her weight for years. But thanks to her faith, and the skilled medical team of Community Hospital South’s bariatric services, Michele feels her battle has been won.

Despite a wide range of diets, Michele was never able to achieve the substantial weight loss she desired, and needed. In many cases, Michele gained weight, rather than losing it. After years of denial and resentment about the way she looked, Michele says she just stopped looking. Like many bariatric patients, Michele never let family or friends know how she truly felt about herself. So, on the outside, she seemed fine, but inside, she was in turmoil. As the years passed, Michele’s weight soared. She admits she was on a self-destructive cycle, although she didn’t truly realize it at the time.

Michele's life-saving weight loss after gastric bypass weight loss surgeryIn 2008, Michele started having episodes of not breathing while sleeping, and would wake up gasping for air. Although Michele didn’t realize she was doing this, she did realize that she had no energy. She was taking naps during her lunch break, so that she could get through her work day. After her primary care doctor ran a battery of tests, the only thing that was revealed was that Michele was borderline diabetic and had an iron deficiency. Even after taking iron pills, she was still feeling exhausted. At this point, her husband told her about her breathing issue when she was sleeping. Michele went for a sleep study, and it was confirmed she had sleep apnea due to her morbid obesity. Michele said being told she was morbidly obese brought tears to her eyes. She knew it was time to aggressively take control of her weight, so she could correct her other health issues.

Michele knew it was going to take more than the support of her husband, friends and family. It was going to have to be a spiritual, physical and mental change. Michele found what she was looking for at the Community Hospital South bariatric program. She was pleased with the fact they knew and understood that major weight loss was going to be life-changing. Not only did the program deal with the physical aspect and the mental aspect, she was also encouraged to lean on her spiritual beliefs as well. Michele clicked with Dr. Steven Clark and his team from the very first day. She attended Dr. Clark’s presentation of weight loss surgery options, including the pros and cons of each. Michele was determined to be a candidate for gastric bypass.

In early December, Michele had her surgery. She returned to work one week after her procedure. Within two weeks, she had lost 25 pounds. By sticking with the program mapped out by the bariatric team, Michele dropped weight so quickly, she kept having to change clothing sizes. With her dramatic transformation, Michele found herself almost not recognizing herself in the mirror. As she says, “It was like being on the most exciting ride you had ever been on in your life.” Michele said she started feeling great and looking even better. Because of her transformation, friends she didn’t see regularly didn’t recognize her, and some even thought her husband had remarried.

Michelle says she’s healthier than she’s ever been, and relishes her weight loss victory every day.

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