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Exercise program for children

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    Children and parents exercising together
  • Start the program at a slow pace and work up.
  • Make sure the activities and exercises are fun.
  • Encourage your child throughout entire program.
  • Participate with your child.
  • CDC recommends children get 60 minutes of physical activity daily.
  • CDC recommends children include resistance training (ex: push-ups) in their 60 min.
  • Time activities for 5 minutes (when the activity is no longer hard increase time by 2 min) or include various exercises switching every minute.
  • Repetition activities start with 2 sets of 5 (gradually increase to 2 sets of 10).

At home exercises

  • Modified push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Stand up and then sit down (repeat)
  • Dance to music (just dance, but be sure to keep moving) or while watching TV (break during commercials)
  • Log rolls (lay on ground and roll keeping body straight)
  • Frog jumps (squat on the ground and then jump up; repeat)
  • Brisk walks around the block or park (bring the dog too!)
  • Jumping jacks
  • Hop or skip
  • Jump ups (jump straight up, then go into push-ups position, pull feet back in and jump up; repeat)
  • Tag

Exercises with equipment

  • Jump rope
  • Play in the park or on gym equipment
  • Ride bicycles
  • Hula-hooping
  • Play any kind of sport that keeps your child moving
  • Rollerblade
  • Swim

How can parents help?

  • Participate with your child.
  • When you exercise, have them exercise.
  • Park farther away from your destination to encourage walking.
  • Always take the stairs.

How to meet the recommendations

  • Split exercises into 10 minute segments during the day.
  • Take longer walks.
  • Increase time of exercises (remember to make each day different).

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