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Fitness programs

If you are ready to move up to the next level of fitness and want some help getting there, call Culture of Health at 317-621-4304 to set up an appointment.

Are you ready to take the next step for your personal fitness? The Culture of Health fitness specialists, Chris Garrity and Kathleen Connelly, are here to help you define and enhance your personal fitness experience. Since January 2008, they have helped hundreds of employees design their health and fitness programs and progress their fitness levels.

Our program is designed to help you increase your overall activity and achieve your desired health. We encourage all employees to exercise regularly, following a program that meets your needs and interests. Employees can meet a fitness specialist at one of four primary locations: BodyZone North, BodyZone East, and the onsite cardiac rehab centers at Community Hospital South and Community Hospital Anderson.

Frequently asked questions

What is a fitness specialist?
A fitness specialist is an experienced exercise professional who will help develop your own individual exercise program through a series of consultations. You will receive help creating a safe and effective program during these fitness consultations, which are typically 30 minutes in length. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience various aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises and use this information to practice on their own.

What are the expectations for the first visit?
Bring your completed paperwork and signed doctor’s consent form, and wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for activity. The first session lasts for 60 minutes and will entail review of your exercise history, fitness goals, health history, development of a starting exercise plan and physical measurements.

Are they going to kill me?
Our goal is to help educate and encourage each participant so that exercising becomes a regular part of your lifestyle.

Is there a fee?
There is no fee for fitness consultations.

How many times can I meet with a fitness specialist?
Eligible employees and spouses can receive up to six consultations and up to 12 consults for those in Bridges to Weight Management, the physician-managed weight loss program.

What is the difference between fitness consultations and personal training?
Fitness consultations are designed to help you develop an individualized fitness program to practice on your own. Personal training involves more extensive and detailed exercise programming that is led by the trainer during your sessions. BodyZone has a variety of personal training packages to meet your training needs and we will help each client make that transition if they are interested. Call 317-621-1600 if you are interested in hiring a BodyZone personal trainer.

Do I have to join a gym?
Joining a gym is not necessary, but many people prefer the convenience of having access to a large variety of equipment, assistance from fitness experts and group fitness classes. Others prefer to exercise in the privacy of their home with their own equipment. 

Do I need to buy exercise equipment?
Not for the fitness consultations. We do make equipment purchase suggestions and we also sell bands and pedometers, which can be very useful in helping progress your fitness program.

Where do we meet?
Appointments are held at BodyZone North or BodyZone East fitness centers or in CHA or CHS cardiac rehab areas.

What do I need to do to get started?
Call 317-621-4304 to determine eligibility, set up or change an appointment and to receive your paperwork. Note: your doctor will need to sign a form prior to exercising under the supervision of a fitness specialist.

Group fitness programs

Fit 60!

Need a break? Come join a Culture of Health fitness specialist for a group training session. We will do a variety of workouts ranging from all abs to cardio intervals and everything in between.

  • First and third Monday of each month, 5-6pm, BodyZone North
  • First and third Tuesdays of each month, 12-1pm, BodyZone East
  • First and third Thursday of each month, 5-6pm, CHS, Cardiac Rehab

Fit 30!

Need a quick break? Come join a Culture of Health fitness specialist for a group training session every Tuesday at 11:30 am at BodyZone North. We will do a variety of 30 minute workouts ranging from all abs to cardio intervals and everything between.

Call 317-621-4304 to register for either of these classes.

Walking paths

The American Heart Association Start! Walking website allows you to create walking paths for your home and work areas. Visit or click here to learn more. Interested in having a walking group started at your worksite? 

Contact a fitness specialist with Health Promotion Services at 317-621-4304 to get help and a group started at your site!

Walking programs

Running programs

Beginner Walking Program
Walking Schedule for the 5k
10k Walking Program

Beginner 8 week Running Program
Beginner 10k Running Program
Run 5k in 4 months
Run 5k in 7 months
5k Run Program from KUAR
Half Marathon Running Program from KUAR

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Meet the personal trainers

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Kathleen Connelly, B.A., ACE, Certified Personal Trainer Chris Garrity, M.S., ACE, Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Kathleen Connelly, B.A., ACE
Certified Personal Trainer

Chris Garrity, M.S., ACE
Certified Personal Trainer

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